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We inject senior, agile teams that facilitate technology adoption in the financial services sector. Get in, code, hand over, get out.

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Working alongside your technology teams, we help design, review, mentor and performance-tune your valuable technology assets.

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Our evangelists run brown-bag sessions with your technology teams that engage and challenge on the latest technologies.

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Latest Ring Leader Blogs:

Adopting the Modern Web: Libraries and Frameworks

Anyone who has had even a passing interest in web application development within the last ten years will be able to appreciate just how rapidly patterns and practices have matured. Long gone are the days of monolithic JQuery-based web applications - organisations can now safely rely on established patterns and mature frameworks to achieve their intended result. We often speak to clients that are yet to decide on a program-wide adoption strategy for web application development, and are looking for a silver-bullet answer to the question: “Which framework should we choose?

Agile Transition - Some considerations for Management

This entry offers some guidelines to management who are trying to adopt an agile technique. There may be many reasons why you are doing this, hopefully among them are an increased productivity and possibly also greater connectivity with your end users. Avoid forcing project managers into scrum master roles It can be tempting to rename your project managers as scrum masters and place them as your ‘leaders’ but this can cause a number of problems.