About us

Ring Leader Solutions was founded in 2016 by a core of 3 experienced software professionals, sharing a keen interest in building quality software products and also striving to provide excellent bespoke development services to our enterprise clients.

Paul Ronan, Chief Executive Officer

Paul Ronan


With over 20 years of experience in the financial markets and having held senior positions at JP Morgan Private Bank, Capco and Saxobank, Paul brings a great deal of financial expertise to the table. Paul acts as our vision provider for our product offerings, while providing oversight to our bespoke development operations.

Oscar Musat, Head of Business Development

Oscar Musat

Head of Business Development

After 11 years of servicing global investment and energy clients, Oscar has strong skills across the sales life cycle and stakeholder management. As the Head of Business Development he maintains focus on our client needs and the quality of our response, as well as identifying market opportunities for the product side of the business.

Daniel May, Head of Development

Daniel May

Head of Development

Over a 10 year career spanning software consultancy firms, investment banks and startups, Daniel’s architectural and engineering skills help to guide the technology direction of the business across both product and bespoke development services.

Our Client Strategy

When working with clients, we have a few rules to enable pace, transparency and success.

Flexible Iteration Based Contract

We don’t believe in signing contracts where the “moment of truth” is postponed until the end of the delivery. We typically take a sprint-based approach, to help manage the risks of changing business priorities. In addition, our clients typically retain the right to cancel one sprint in advance.

No “Bait and Switch”

From day one, we focus on building synergies between our team and your teams. At the time of the initial workshop, we give our clients a commitment as to which Ring Leader consultant will lead your potential engagement. We don’t workshop with the “A” team and arrive two months later with the “B” team.

No Juniors Required

We don’t hire juniors - our business model is not predicated on placing juniors into the team to train up on your dollar. We are not building a mediocre pyramid supported by the abilities of a few established seniors. Our senior technologist teams deliver at pace with quality.