Agile Transition - Some considerations for Management

Sep 4, 2018

Paul Ronan, CEO

agile business management

This entry offers some guidelines to management who are trying to adopt an agile technique. There may be many reasons why you are doing this, hopefully among them are an increased productivity and possibly also greater connectivity with your end users.

Take stock of your adoption needs

Different organisations will adopt at different rates. Projects will need different levels of effort to get the various key roles working. Each environment will need a different level of scaffolding work to achieve CI/CD.

Some red flags to watch for:

  1. Team members are defensive or guarded about their estimates or reflection meetings are not facing up to sprint challenges
  2. Scrum masters are arguing with the team about velocity
  3. The product owner is not a business owner. And the business thinks this is a technology only process. Even worse, your managers are too embarrassed to introduce the process to the business
  4. CI/CD efforts have been abandoned or circumvented because their is a legacy system in the way
  5. Only a few people feel confident enough to talk at the stand ups

Some amber flags to be aware of:

  1. The scrum has more than 15 people in it
  2. Several sprints in and the sprint is still 5-6 weeks
  3. Everything in the backlog is the same priority
  4. Stand ups are happening once a week