We inject technology expertise into your business challenges.

We offer an elite technology service, delivered in small pods across a range of cutting edge technologies. We use an iterative goal-orientated model that allows clients to keep the focus on evolving needs.

Bespoke Development

When working with clients, we have a few rules to enable pace, transparency and success.

Agile process

A process that starts at the first workshop and transitions into three week sprints that drives early views of success. Pace is matched with quality assurances that deliver working systems.

Modern Standards

We work with technology stacks that can be safely adopted by your development teams and your support services. We use processes that demystify business needs and connect technology partners.

High cadence with quality

At the core of the project is the CI/CD approach which is tailored to your environment. It’s not optional and we won’t let it be commented out.

Business Engagement

We use technologies to unite global teams into a common view of the project. We engage the user community without apology as regularly as required. High cadence projects go off target without regular input.

Architecture Consulting

From early design through to technical deep dive investigations we provide small senior teams who work at pace.

Bringing you into the future

Every Ring Leader is an evangelist who is ready to advise on the best modern approach as you transition or introduce a technology refresh to your key assets.

Diagnostics and problem resolutions

We are often engaged for that outside perspective. Design, code and deep problem analysis investigations are carried out. These are normally short term engagements and often involve an emergency response.

Ring Leader Brown Bag Sessions

Ring Leader evangelists research technology that can aid transformation. One output from this process are the brown-bag sessions which aim to inform busy technology teams during their lunch breaks. It’s simple – you supply the room and sandwiches, and we bring the technology challenge.

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